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Student Space

The Student Space is divided into five sections intended to help students understand, share, question, present, and be inspired by the IP learning processes.

Teacher Space

The Teacher Space is intended for teachers, pedagogical consultants, RÉCIT consultants, and school administrators who wish to further develop the pedagogy associated with the Integrative Project Program.

Key to project is integrative aspect

Strongly rooted in a pedagogy of active learning, the Integrative Project Program invites Secondary V students in the Province of Québec to spend an entire school year realizing a personal project of their choosing. These projects, which are both stimulating and imaginative, require students to integrate their prior learning and competencies in order to shape, direct, and give meaning to their projects. Students learn how to adapt and transfer their prior learning and give it meaning in a new context.

The aim of the learning integration process associated with the realization of a project is to render students’ prior learning explicit by asking them to name what they know, how they know it, and the role this learning will play in their projects.

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Examples of projects

Each of these examples contains all the elements of a good integrative project. Whether a project topic is extremely personal or touches on larger societal issues, every project example must demonstrate the prescriptive elements of an integrative project, in particular the two learning processes
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Info IP: Executing

This third information bulletin is intended to give you some ideas for the rest of the year. It presents a few resources that are already available on the Integrative Project website. We hope that these resources will help you develop some instructional activities while the projects are being
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Info IP: Planning

According to the Integrative Project program, ‘’The fact that students manage their own projects is another key feature of the competency. Students must carefully list and plan the required tasks and then they must approach them me-thodically based on the production schedule they have established
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Info IP: Choosing

This newsletter offers a variety of resources designed to support both you and your stu-dents throughout the various steps in teaching the Integrative Project program. This first newsletter will focus on the first step of the Integrative Project: choosing. Info IP

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